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December 12th, 2007

#79 – Pretty Little Liars

Okay, I hate secrets. I have a hard time keeping them and even harder time not knowing if someone whispers, “I have a secret.” There’s just something in me that has to know. It’s gotten much better the older I get, and obviously, I’ve learned to keep as many secrets as I’ve maybe leaked, but Sara Shepard’s book Pretty Little Liars certainly understands girls like me when it comes to the whole idea of a mystery: I simply have to know what happened and why.

For years, I’ve read the ends of mysteries half-way through. I am not unapologetic about this — I certainly know it ruins the surprise, but goodness, I just can’t help myself. I read spoilers. I know what’s about to happen on Corrie Street because, let’s refrain here, I just need to know. So you can imagine what happened when I read an entire YA novel based on the idea of secrets: I almost imploded.

Who is the mysterious “A” that keeps tormenting the girls? Why is she doing it? What happened that set the four girls apart in the beginning? There are so many mysteries and secrets running amok in this book that it’s almost impossible to keep them all straight, which is kind of half the fun. So if you’re looking for a pure guilty pleasure, I’d say give Pretty Little Liars a try. Not as addictive as The Luxe, but just as fun.

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