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April 20th, 2006


One of the first rules of blogging: don’t talk about work. One of the second rules of blogging: don’t blog about work. After my awful experience of my last job (third rule of blogging: always slag off old, jackass boss on blog, because what are they going to do, fire me again? Pulease.), I try to keep my writing life and my work life separate.

However, working in publishing kind of makes that impossible…especially when awesomely fun things like having lunch with my fav chicklit author, Gemma Townley, happen. Oh, she’s so lovely! Very smart, witty, funny and awesomely talented.

Toward the end of the lunch, as she was signing my copy of Learning Curves, I said, “I really love your books. I compare all other chicklit to Gemma books [and I do, see previous posts].”

And she replied, “You do not!”

I said, “I absolutely do!”

Fourth, and final, rule of blogging for today: learn to keep gushing under control unless covered by the veil of a pseudonym.

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