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November 7th, 2007

The Giller (And The Giller Light)

A bunch of us publishing types were down at Steam Whistle Brewery’s Roundhouse for the Giller Light party last night. It’s always fun to see people out and about celebrating books. Although I do have to make a confession that up until the very moment before I left for the party, I was obsessively watching Friday Night Lights, which is quite possibly the best show on network television. And then I ducked out right after the announcement was made that Elizabeth Hay had won. I’m waiting for my copy of her book, Late Nights on Air to come in the mail, after reading Kerry Clare‘s recommendation, I had put it high on my ‘want to read list,’ and have been waiting patiently ever since. I enjoyed her previous novel, Garbo Laughs, very much.

Anyway, a friend has saying, “choose tired.” That when you’ve simply got way too much life to live and not enough hours in the day, simply choose to be tired. And it’s going to be that kind of week. School monday, Giller Light Tuesday, Weakerthans Wednesday/Thursday (with a dance class thrown in there), and then I think we’re going up north on Friday so we can close the cottage on Saturday. Crazy.

The light at the end of the tunnel? I have taken next week off to do some research for my book and I’m incredibly excited about it. Day trip to Millbank, Ontario Monday, and then overnight to Stratford to look at the archives on Tuesday.

2 Responses to “The Giller (And The Giller Light)”

  • b*babbler says:

    I love that expression “choose tired”.

    I think I may have to add that (liberally) to my vocabulary over the next couple of months.

  • samlamb says:

    Although I totally agree in theory, we can’t forget that “choosing tired” landed said friend in a nasty bout of pneumonia.

    Just saying.

    Have a great week off – you deserve it!

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